Still a work in progress. What do you want, egg in your beer? All things considered, the Forlorn Hope has a pretty interesting crew. The captain is a bona-fide rebel and probably war criminal, the pilot's running away from something even faster than a ship at full burn, one of the gunslingers is at least half a wildman, the doc's an Alliance officer still on the active rolls, there's a gunsmith running from a lot of people that bought her guns to kill each other, the cook's a former street rat who crossed the system's big crime lord and the only one close to normal shoots people for money and how right is that? Still, you need a job done, they're not bad, and they're not picky.

Captain Hadrian Marcus, owner of the Forlorn Hope.

Alex Gustavson, pilot of the Forlorn Hope.

Hank Grisson, gunslinger.

Guy Landry, gunslinger.

Doc Roger Allen, sawbones for the crew.

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